Fast Business Loan Options

Fast Business Loan Options Small business owners often don't have the time to wait to get funded with a traditional bank loan. They may even find the entire loan application process aggravating and inconvenient. A bank loan APR can range from 8 to 12 percent, while APRs for online loans can exceed 30 percent. Here is the reality: if you need a business loan faster [...]

July 11th, 2016|

5 Types Of Business Loans That Don’t Require Property As Security

5 Types Of Business Loans That Don’t Require Property As Security There are an infinite number of reasons you don’t want to put your home up as collateral when it comes to getting a business loan. Three primary reasons include: Keeping your personal and business life separate should the business fail You don’t want to stress your spouse out Your home [...]

July 11th, 2016|

Keep your business & personal finances separates

Don’t Become Financially Ruined: 4 ways to keep your Personal & Business Finances separate There are two reasons you should never mix your business finances with your personal ones: Taxes Personal liability Taxes Taxes are one of the biggest reasons to keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. With a separate account, you can keep a close track on the expenses – [...]

July 11th, 2016|

Getting the most out of your business lender relationship

Getting the most out of your business lender relationship It does not matter what kind of business loan you take out, there are a number of things you will need to manage throughout the life of the loan beyond just the repayments. When people apply for business loans, they often wonder how much money they will be able to borrow and how long [...]

July 8th, 2016|

Networking For Small Businesses

Networking for Small Businesses Owners As a business owner, it may seem as though you have a lot of responsibility. You will often be confronted with problems that you have had no experience with, but nevertheless you need to make decisions for how to fix them. Sometimes, the decisions you make could even break your business. Having a strong network with a diverse skill set can help. A strong network [...]

June 30th, 2016|