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The team at Merchant Cash, based in Sydney are dedicated to helping your small businesses get the small business loans to take their business to the next level.

Banks have slowed down their lending to small businesses, and if you are looking for a Business Loan in Sydney – are here to help your business.

The application process for our unsecured business loans is fast and fully online, our senior credit advisers will guide you through the process and  can approve your loan within hours of an application, and have funds into your account within 24hrs.

About Merchant Cash

We are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses (SMEs) in Sydney get the funding they need to succeed and grow.

We will help you find the finance you need to make that happen.

We all know that businesses require capital to grow, and unfortunately these days banks are not making many loans to SMEs.

Even when banks do make loans, they are more focused on the collateral they can secure than the strength of the cashflows. At Merchant Cash we are different, by using technology to help assess borrowers, we are able to offer small business loans that are unsecured and require no personal guarantee.

We make a promise to our clients to serve them with the utmost professionalism and care.

We know that the only way for our business to succeed is when our clients succeed.

Our Advantage

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To qualify for a business loan from us you must meet the following

  • Have been in business for minimum 12 months
  • Minimum $100,000 annual revenue
  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

We cannot help in the following situations

  • you are looking to purchase a business
  • you want to start a business
  • you are a current bankrupt
If you want to work out how much your small business loan repayments will be, go to our business loan calculator page
Comparing your options for a Sydney Business Loans is important when considering taking out a new business loan. Below are some factors to consider:

  • What are the interest rates on your business loan
  • Are there any fees and charges
  • How much can you borrow from the business lender
  • Do you have to provide security or collateral to the lender
  • Does the lender have low doc business loan options
  • What will happen if you cannot make a repayment on time
To see a full list of our business loan interest rates for Sydney based businesses and to determine how much your repayments will be – please go to our business loan calculator page


Things that will affect the interest rate on your business loan

  • How much you are looking to borrow
  • Do you have security / collateral for the loan
  • What will you use the money for
  • How long you need to borrow the money for
  • Your Credit History – i.e. do you have any missed or late payments on your credit file
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