Customer Feedback

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, getting feedback from your customers and clients is not only useful, but we’d argue essential.

Why? Well, firstly, it helps you improve your services, products or overall business, and we should always be striving for continuous improvement. And just as crucial, it tells you what is important to your customers. Occasionally, we can find the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, but why not hear from them directly?

Increase customer retention

It’s easier and cheaper to keep a current customer than find a new one, and businesses lose customers and clients all the time. Why? One reason might be that they aren’t completely happy with your service or product. And a bigger reason is that they don’t feel like they are being listened to, or connected with. If you can show that you value getting feedback, and you’re doing something about it, it goes a long way to creating and nurturing customer loyalty and ensuring you retain them!

Find areas to improve

Life is in flux. Businesses are in flux. Nothing stays the same. So, please excuse a bit of philosophising but a key message is this: Every business always need to be improving.

It’s not hard to think of examples. Perhaps your sales staff can be friendlier. Maybe your premises are out of date. Maybe there is something in one of your systems that means that the customer experience is not as smooth or effective as it could be.

And running a business is not about one widget or switch. It’s a complex set of moving parts. How can you keep track of everything?

So rather than seeing feedback as a complaint, or a problem, you could see it as a great resource, that helps you identity who your best and worst employees are, what areas need focus or improvement, and basically, how to be better!

Learn what your customers want

It’s not just about fixing things though. Getting feedback and understanding your customers will help you then figure out what they want, and what they need, and how you can do more of it. Most businesses aren’t around to please themselves; they exist to provide something to someone. So, you need to know what all those somethings are. This can also lead to opportunities for cross-selling. You may have no idea of your other services and products that you can sell to an existing customer. And asking will give you that knowledge.

Pay attention to online reviews

Finally, the world is changing in how customers are providing feedback. Businesses can’t and shouldn’t ignore the fact that people are using online reviews in their decision-making process, and these are on Google, Facebook and maybe your own websites and blogs. People can also discover your company on sites like Trustpilot and Product Review. It’s worth putting some time into seeing how these sites and online reviews work. It’s also important to appear responsive to reviews, both positive ones and negatives ones. People are reading not only the reviews, but what the responses are.

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