Secured Business Loans

A small business loan gives you the flexibility to pursue more opportunities. Use a loan to buy equipment, buy inventory, meet unexpected expenses, acquire another business, or meet other business needs.

Let us help you get the cash you need right away. Our expert lending team can get you a business loan in as little as 24 hours at excellent rates and terms.

How secured loans work

Term loans are what most people think of when they think of business lending. They are loans with a set repayment time, set number of payments, and have a fixed interest rate. The exact terms of your loan will depend on your business needs, credit rating, cash flows, and many other factors. The terms of the loans vary greatly from 6 months with daily payments to 10 years with monthly payments, and everything in between.

You can use your loan to meet many needs, including buying more inventory, working capital, purchasing equipment, keeping money in your business, paying off other debts, or almost any other business need.

Who can qualify for a secured loan?

Most businesses can qualify for a term loan, but the interest rate, length of the term and maximum loan size depends on your business revenues and the strength of the security you are able to provide. With a secured loan you will generally be able to borrow more than with an unsecured small business loan.


  • Set payment structure
  • Limited paperwork required for shorter loans
  • Use for virtually any business purpose
  • Range of loan tenors
  • Borrow larger sums than unsecured loans