Trade Finance for Importers & Exporters

Purchase Order Finance

If you are an importer and are looking to finance an order, Merchant Cash can assist.

The main requirement is that you have a firm order from a wholesale customer. If so we can help you finance the cost of the goods to help you grow your business without straining your cashflows. This is a great way to get a small business loan with no collateral.

As well as providing purchase order finance, we also offer Inventory Finance and Debtor Finance which can assist with additional cash flow to help maintain growth sustainability. Learn more.

How it works

  • You receive an order from a customer, noting that you must be a wholesaler and the end customer must be a business or government entity.
  • Your supplier produces the goods. The supplier could be in Australia, but more and more we are seeing our clients suppliers located overseas, particularly in China
  • We pay your supplier, or offer them a letter of credit from a reputable third party which is usually one of the big 4 banks
  • The supplier sends the finished goods to your customer.
  • You send an invoice to your customer and a copy to us.
  • Your customer pays the invoice directly to us
  • We pay you less the loan and fees. This completes the transaction.

Line Of Credit

Trade/Import Finance


Who we lend to

We lend from $25,000 to $5,000,000 with up to 180 day terms.

  • Australian based companies only
  • Distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, import and exporters
  • Clients that need funding to assist with growth by completing orders and contracts locally or internationally


  • You fund your business from your purchase orders and do not need to take on debt.
  • Simpler application than a Bank Loan
  • Ability to accept larger orders without straining your cashflows. Allowing you to grow your business while keeping your working capital for other uses.
  • We take care of collection from your customer, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your business
  • We will lend even if you have bad credit. We lend based on your customers credit worthiness